Metro Releases Video Team Collectors' Editions Today

Tod Hunter
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Production company Metro Interactive has announced its newest addition to its five-pack sets from its library with the release of the Video Team Collector sets, the first of which — "No Man's Land," "Mamacitas" and "Black Girl Next Door" — are being released today.

“The Video Team library name is a staple in the industry for ethnic entertainment," said Russ Pascale, sales manager for Metro Interactive. “These five-packs not only have amazing packaging, but the scenes are some of the best that this line has ever put out.”

The Video Team five-packs are packaged in an outer box with embossed logo treatments and foiled accents.

“It’s truly a unique piece," Pascale said. “Our goal is to give the consumer the most for their money. We are moving with the times, and right now, we are setting a new standard for multi-packs.”

Legal Pink five-packs, Toxxxic 20-hour box sets, and other collector sets are in production to follow the Video Team five-packs.

Metro is also finalizing its release schedule to launch high definition Blu-ray formatted versions simultaneously with the regular DVDs of new releases. The DCypher feature “Runaway Love” is the first new feature set to be released in both formats on July 18. Metro Interactive produces and distributes adult movies, offering content for all platforms worldwide, including DVD and video-on-demand. For more information, visit the Metro Interactive website or for sales inquiries email Russ Pascale at