Andrew Blake Appearance in New York June 11

Tod Hunter
NEW YORK — Adult director Andrew Blake will appear with conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner to discuss erotic art and pornography at the Swiss Institute in New York June 11.

The discussion is in conjunction with an exhibition by Weiner titled "Water in Milk Exists," described as "a fresh skin flick that challenges both artistic and pornographic conventions." The exhibit is on display at the Swiss Institute until July 19.

"Lawrence Weiner's art is more about words as opposed to images, and juxtaposing words with images, but words are the most important part of his work," Blake told XBIZ. "I saw his film, 'Water in Milk Exists,' and it's the polar opposite of me. Where I'm all about decorative, superficial glamour with beautiful women and settings, his is more bare bones. It was shot in a gallery in New York, and the talent is not what I would use. It’s going to be a good decision because we are such polar opposites of each other."

Blake also said that "Water in Milk Exists" was financed by a Swiss man who also financed Blake's "Hidden Obsessions."

"Paid Companions," Blake's newest production, will be available June 24.

The Swiss Institute was founded in 1986 as showcase of Swiss art and artists for a mostly Swiss audience and now is an international venue for art that provides a forum for cultural dialogue between Switzerland, Europe and the U.S. The Institute is not affiliated with the Swiss government.

The discussion is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. June 11. Admission is free.

Swiss Institute is located at 495 Broadway in New York. For more information, visit the Swiss Institute website.