Michael Ninn Announces Hiatus from Directing

Steve Javors
NORCO, Calif. — Acclaimed director and Ninn Worx founder Michael Ninn has decided to take an open-ended hiatus after completing filming on the big-budget saga “The Four.”

Spearmint Rhino Vice President of Marketing Ross Yamashita told XBIZ that Ninn still will be intimately involved in the promotional campaign for “The Four” and that the hiatus, which was planned, will help the director recharge his batteries.

“Michael spent so much time perfecting ‘The Four,’” Yamashita said. “It’s been a long process and he simply just wanted to take a break.” Yamashita added that Ninn could take off as much time as he feels he needs.

Yamashita said that Ninn’s hiatus won’t effect the company’s release schedule. Ninn remains a shareholder in the company.

“The Four,” is an epic fantasy-adventure that tells the tale of four women sworn to revenge following the decimation of the 300 elite Spartan soldiers of Leonidas after the Battle of Thermopylae in ancient Greece. The movie will be released in August.

“I understand Michael needs to take a break after working so hard on ‘The Four,’” said Kathy Vercher, president and COO of Ninn Worx_SR. “He’s put everything into this movie and we’re going to ensure ‘The Four’ gets the attention and recognition it deserves. ‘The Four’ will be a movie that people will remember Michael Ninn and Ninn Worx_SR for years to come.”

Ninn Worx merged with Spearmint Rhino in July 2007.