Topco Sales' Semenex Featured on Playboy Radio

Ericka Jensen

CHATSWORTH, Calif.— Topco Sales’ powdered drink mix Semenex was featured on Playboy Radio’s “Night Calls.”

Brent and Lois Meyer created the all-natural shake mix to safely and effectively neutralize the salty-bitter taste of semen.

”Night Calls”' hosts Christy Canyon and Vanessa Blue conducted the half-hour telephone interview where the couple, along with Topco executives, explained how they first conceived the product and how Topco Sales became the exclusive manufacturer by utilizing its FDA-registered facility to take Semenx to the next level.

"Brent and Lois did an amazing job promoting the product and were able to get coverage on a lot of radio shows prior to Topco Sales' involvement,” Topco Sales’ Desiree Duffie said. “That momentum continues as Semenx has been featured not only on Playboy Radio, but on Maxim Radio and

According to Duffie, Semenex is slated to be featured in an upcoming issue of Bust magazine.

Topco Sales’ Liz Plascencia said that Semenx sales have surpassed expectations.

“We're seeing more and more distributors stocking up to keep up with demand,” Plascencia said. “At this rate, Semenex could become one of Topco Sales' best sellers before long."