Matt Zane’s Live Album Hits iTunes June 16

Steve Javors
LOS ANGELES — Matt Zane’s band Society 1 is releasing its debut album with MDI for download on iTunes. “Live and Raw” will be available June 16 through the online service.

Music from Zane’s adult movies “Radium 2” and “Punk’d Ur Ass 3” are featured in their entirety on the album. "Live and Raw" contains 14 full-length tracks.

"This is going to be the first record that I have released with the option of downloading individual songs that will be in my movies,” Zane said.

“Live and Raw” is Society 1’s first live record and though no physical product of the album will be sold, remaining promotional copies will be autographed and made available through

"We figure we might have a few hundred extra after sending review copies to press so we will autograph those and sell them, but besides that, ‘Live And Raw’ will only be made available through iTunes,” Zane said.

Track samples from the album are available on the band’s MySpace page at

Matt Zane Productions is distributed through Evolution Distribution. His latest release, “Radium 2,” is out now. To order, call Adam Hasner at (800) 999-2483, ext.228.