Tommy Gunn Endorses Male Enhancement Pill Phallitrex

Steve Javors
LOS ANGELES — Male performer Tommy Gunn has signed on to endorse Phallitrex, a brand-new herbal male enhancement supplement. Phallitrex is a daily supplement in pill form that combines the “science of bodybuilding with all-natural ingredients.”

"I know some guys are shy about wanting bigger erections or performing in bed,” Gunn told XBIZ. “Phallitrex helps to take care of those worries. Similar pills are loaded with chemicals and mysterious ingredients, while Phallitrex is all natural. I believe in this product, that's why I endorse it. If you want to perform like a star, this product is for you.”

Gunn will serve as the official celebrity spokesman for the product and will prominently be featured in the company’s advertising campaign.

NutraServe, the makers of Phallitrex, claim that the pill helps the user achieve increased penis size, adds stamina and leads to fuller and longer lasting erections.

Gunn will be splitting his time signing for Phallitrex and Offset Entertainment at this weekend’s Erotica LA convention. Gunn is the star of Offset’s latest edition of its “Porn Icon” series.

“Offset Entertainment's doing a great job to make this volume of 'Porn Icon' one of its best," Gunn said. "We're talking about the extras the title will include and the casting. It's a great feeling to be included in the company of the past performers the series featured — Mr. Marcus, Sean Michaels, Hershel Savage and Mark Davis. They are true legends of the industry."

Phallitrex soon will be available to order through its website. To be put on the mailing list, email