Unveils Geo-Targeting

Ericka Jensen

ATLANTA — has unveiled geo-targeted campaigns for web publishers and advertisers. is a free host ad rotation platform.

“Geo-targeting was the most requested feature from both our publishers and advertisers so we’re incredibly excited to offer this to both groups,” company founder and CEO Marc Womack said.

“Advertisers can now buy traffic only from the countries that will convert for them. Publishers can now easily monetize traffic they’ve never been able to target,” he said. “Not only have we made it simple to target specific countries, we’ve given advertisers the ability to change the countries they’re targeting on the fly from their advertiser account as their campaigns progress.”

The company has spent the last year working on functionality for the platform and its website has been redesigned and launched.

“[The new site] is really blowing things up for us,” sales support representative Artchee Mendoza said. “We’ve got publishers and advertisers signing up like crazy. We had to hire two new sales reps just to keep up.”

Robert Ambrose and Jonathan Armstrong joined the sales team last month.

Simoleon, former owner of the, is the parent company of MadisonAvenue. Simoleon sold the network early this year to concentrate on MadisonAvenue.