Screaming O, Nikki Benz to Host ‘Go Down, Ho Down, Throw Down’

Ericka Jensen

LOS ANGELES — Adult novelty manufacturer The Screaming O has announced a slew of fan-interactive contests taking place during Erotica LA this weekend.

Adult star and Screaming O spokes model Nikki Benz will co-host the ‘Go Down, Ho Down, Throw Down’ with A! Entertainment’s Tony Batman.

At the top of the event list is a blowjob simulation contest. Contestants will demonstrate their BJ skills on penis-shaped suckers. Benz has issued a challenge to all pros and amateurs alike to bring their best blowjob skills to the main stage.

“You think you’re good? Then suck it up and bring it to the main stage, bitches,” Benz said.

Fans at the booth will judge the contest.

“The Thriller in Manila has nothing on this three-part sexual Olympics,” said co-host Tony Batman.

The stage show will feature a variety of orgasm contests — The Screaming O contest and a booth where fans can participate in the company’s ongoing online “real live orgasm” contest.

The live orgasm contest gives participants the chance to be filmed, from the shoulders up in a private booth as they pleasure themselves with one of the company’s toys. Cameras catch every sound and expression. The orgasm videos are then placed on for online judging. The Screaming O has held the contest in Toronto, Miami and Denver over the last two years.

A rodeo riding contest will be held; girls will be encouraged to ride their boyfriends or partners.

Last month, the company released The Screaming O FingOs, a wireless, finger-fitting sex toy. Next week, the company will launch TwoOs, a unisex version of the FingOs. Both male and female users will be able to enjoy the product simultaneously.

“Our company has always been about fun and branding,” Keith Caggiano, partner and owner at The Screaming O, told XBIZ. “Our real goal is bring fun and light to sex, to break down barriers.”

“The stage act is extremely popular. It’s about regular people having fun alongside porn stars. It’s about giving those people a chance to be a semi-star up on stage.”

The Screaming O is a two-time winner of the Women’s Health Magazine’s Annual Sex Awards for 2007 and 2008, has been published as the top-selling product line in most adult stores and was recently awarded StorErotica’s 2007 Innovator of the Year award.