'New Neighbors' Team to Discuss Van Halen, Future Plans on Internet Radio

Bob Preston
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Linda Roberts and Frank Castle, the two key players behind the inaugural production from the dormant studio SLLAB Wurks, will appear on an Internet radio show tonight to talk about their current activities.

The couple's last major project, "The New Neighbors," hit stores in 2006 and garnered a load of press because of rocker Eddie Van Halen's under-the-board financing. Since promoting that movie, though, Roberts and Castle have been staying out of the public eye. In addition, the website for SLLAB Wurks has expired.

Roberts said that she and her husband have been keeping busy with projects for Evasive Angles, as well as a separate movie project, "P.D. Cycle Sluts," for their own company, Marquis Productions.

"We haven't been scheduling appearances and interviews, with everything else that's going on," Roberts said.

But what about Van Halen's involvement in the adult industry? Castle said that he and his partners have been asked not to discuss the subject, though that seems to be changing.

"Since the SLLAB release came out in 2006, it's been hard to interview without having it turn into 'Let's talk about Eddie Van Halen,' and we'd been asked to not talk about Ed's involvement in adult," he said. "That's changed in the past couple of months."

Castle didn't disclose any details, only adding that he and Roberts would let the hosts on Talking Sex Radio ask them anything.

Roberts and Castle will visit Talking Sex Radio tonight at 8 p.m. PST.

The show is broadcast live and accepts calls at the toll-free number (888) 834-0589.