Extreme Productions, Afton Nills’ Titles Available on Blu-ray

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Xtreme Productions will now offer high-definition movies on Blu-Ray DVD, starting with “Fuck That Twink,” “Fuck Me Like a Bitch Boi,” “Once in a Blue Moon Episode 1” and “Afton Nills’ Casting For Stars #1.”

“I’ve been working around the clock to put this into place, and am happy to say that you can now order our movies in Blu-ray format at our website only,” Xtreme Productions’ Afton Nills said. “We aren’t offering these through distribution just yet, but am gearing to have it in place soon.

“Currently we are processing all our Blu-ray orders in-house. I reviewed one of the movies for the first time today and was blown away at the clarity and quality,” Nills added.

“I’m super excited to be able to offer this to our audience, and hope they take to it. I wanted desperately to be able to offer our up and coming films, [“Weeney Wadd” and “Twink of The Damned”] in this format as they will be my two biggest productions to date,” he said.

Xtreme Production’s Blu-ray DVD titles are available direct through the website at www.xponline.tv.

For sales information, contact bo@1rmedia.com.