Silver Sinema Releases 'Taboo Trannys'

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Silver Sinema has released ''Taboo Trannys.''

The flick, starring Ale, Andy, Bianca, Axel Rey, Celeste, Samantha, Itiel, Yanina, Sally, Sheina and Marva, boasts the hottest new performers in the business and is Silver Sinema's latest entry intro the growing transsexual market.

“Our entire Silver Sinema content line has exceeded our expectations,” said Silver Sinema Albert, vice president of business development. “In turn, volume based titles being released on multiple niched lines are now proven to illustrate unique brand loyalty and a direct correlation of strong sales by units. We are excited for the immediate growth we have experienced and are looking forward to the future.”

The release schedule for Silver Sinema included three titles in May; in June, Silver Sinema will escalate their quota to four title releases per month.

Silver Sinema is a division of Price Communications; its distribution is in conjunction with Pure Play Media. For sales and distribution inquiries, contact