Raging Stallion, Aquarius Launch Gay VOD Network

Joanne Cachapero
SAN FRANCISCO — Gay production company Raging Stallion Studios announced today that it has partnered with Aquarius Broadcasting to launch the Men’s World video-on-demand network.

The network will broadcast to nearly 6,000,000 cable TV subscribers in the U.S. and Canada, with Raging Stallion titles that will be updated monthly.

The launch will kick off with Raging Stallion’s blockbuster release “Grunts: The New Recruits.”

In addition to Raging Stallion product, the network also will carry titles from European producer High Octane, which Raging Stallion acquired earlier this year.

The deal to broadcast the studio’s content through VOD delivery was put together by Raging Stallion founder Chris Ward, Aquarius Broadcasting President John Chambliss and Coastline Licensing President Dave Kravis.

Ward emphasized Kravis’ efforts as instrumental in setting up the arrangement and stated that the studio’s decision to partner with Aquarius was based on “their history of success in the television industry and track record of honest, effective follow through. John Chambliss and his team are the best, so our choice was pretty easy."

“This is a one of the new delivery systems that’s out there, and it’s growing,” Ward told XBIZ. “It’s already all over in Europe The U.S. is a little behind on it, but I think it will do well.”

While initially, the network will carry product from the studio’s existing catalog, Ward is not ruling out the possibility of material created exclusively for broadcast on cable.

“It would depend on how well the products are received. If it’s well received, then I think the sky’s the limit,” Ward added.

Chambliss stated that though cable and VOD have traditionally catered to "straight" audiences, that the delivery format can be a lucrative revenue generator for gay content as well.

“Although our focus has been on the development and delivery of straight content in the cable VOD and PPV markets, for several years now I’ve questioned why adult services have not placed more of a television focus on the gay arena and concluded that most have been concerned with venturing into something they don’t understand,” Chambliss said.

“I thus spent time studying this market, as well as the content being produced for it, and determined that Raging Stallion was the leader,” Chambliss added. “Additionally, I quickly learned that Chris Ward and his staff were people I could depend upon for both sound advice and the highest quality programming in the business."

The broadcast deal is the latest development in a banner year for Raging Stallion, which has seen recognition for its multi award-winning release, “Grunts: The New Recruits,” as well as popularity for several of the studio’s exclusive performers including Steve Cruz and Ricky Sinz.

“It’s been a huge year and it just keeps going. We’ve been one of the biggest company in the industry for about three years now, in terms of income and number of releases, but it took a little while for people to recognize it and see it,” Ward said.

“We’ve had the top-selling movies in the industry for the last three years,” he added. “Our title, “Arabesque” from three years ago, just this week went over the 50,000 [units sold] mark. “Grunts” has sold 20,000 already and it’s only seven months out.”

The Men’s World network is available through local cable on-demand providers.

For more information on raging Stallion Studios, contact Kent Taylor at kent@ragingstallion.com