Belladonna Getting Mainstream Press in Australia

Tod Hunter
ADELAIDE, South Australia — Performer/director Belladonna, in town for Sexpo, was featured in three articles on the local Adelaide Now news website.

One story, dated May 25, told of Belladonna's trip with her husband to an Australian Football League game, quoting her as saying "It looks really rough. Those guys run into each other without padding or anything."

A second story, written by entertainment reporter Amber Petty, is an interview where Belladonna talks about her background and how she plans to tell her three-year-old daughter about her work.

"I'll tell her when she's about five or six. I'll tell her the truth," Belladonna told Petty. "There's nothing to be ashamed of. I want her to know that. I don't want her to ever feel like she has to lie to people just to make them like her."

The third story, an interview with Michael Harry, describes an encounter where he describes Belladonna as "a relentlessly upbeat American" and observes, "My eyes kept wandering over her gap-toothed smile and thick makeup, while my inner prude kept screaming at me: 'This girl has slept with more blokes than you've ever met in your entire life.' It was disconcerting, because she was so natural, easy, friendly and upfront about what she did."

Belladonna also appeared in a four-minute video feature about Sexpo hosted by party correspondent Olivia Stratton. The rapid-fire video includes Belladonna's preferences on penis size and an admission that she would "a lot of fans" if she got a boob job.

The three articles and the video can be found on the Adelaide Now website