'Demi the Demoness' DVD Released

Tod Hunter
SAN DIEGO — A new live-action video featuring X-rated cartoon character Demi the Demoness has just been released. The plot-driven video has hardcore girl-girl scenes.

"We've been working on it for the last eight months, and the movie finally came out last week on DVD," Demi creator Steve Crompton told XBIZ.

"The goal was to try and make a film that was like the comic book but with real actors and real sets, so everything we did was to try and make it look like a comic book," Crompton added. "We had sets that looked like a comic, Ellie Idol, who plays Demi, and Sinn Sage, who plays Vampirooni, a vampire character, were spray-painted white and bright pink, we had prosthetics and wigs and vampire teeth — everything to make it look like a real comic."

The premise of the video involves Demi and Vampirooni having a picnic that is interrupted when an evil witch kidnaps them to drain their sexual energy — so she can take over the world.

Crompton was pleased with the performance of Idol as Demi.

"She was perfect for the part," Crompton said. "We looked at dozens of different porn stars looking for someone who had the right look and acting chops. It was really something to see her come out of makeup looking like my character."

The villainous Lyssa the Witch is played by Audrey Elson. "She gives that Julie Newmar vibe," Crompton said.

The script was written by Crompton and director Steve Steele, with participation by Vampirooni creator Randy Vogel.

A trailer is available at the Demi the Demoness movie website, where the DVD also can be purchased. The first 100 DVD copies are numbered and signed in gold ink by Crompton.

The Demi character was first published by Carnal Comics in 1992. Demi has also appeared in Oui magazine and publications from Eros Comics, MU Press, Revisionary Comics and Rip Off Press.

For more information, visit the Demi the Demoness movie website.