Bunny Ranch Offers Baggage Fee Credit to Travelers

Bob Preston
CARSON CITY, Nev. — On the heels of announcements from at least three airlines that they'll be charging passengers new fees to carry on luggage, the Bunny Ranch brothel has unveiled a promotion designed to offset travelers’ financial woes.

Starting June 15, American Airlines will charge passengers $15 for their first piece of luggage and $25 for their second piece. The Bunny Ranch promotion will pay visitors back that first $15.

Customers at the Bunny Ranch must present a luggage claim stub to be eligible for the promotion.

"As long as the airlines keep sticking it to the consumer, we feel obligated to help," Bunny Ranch Owner Dennis Hof said. "And we won't ask what's in your luggage, even though the girls may be curious. We're all about helping the little guy — so to speak."

But American Airlines isn't the only airline that's added a luggage fee, and $15 isn't the only amount being charged. United Airlines has added a $25 fee for the second bag and $125 for three bags. Customers of Spirit Airlines will also have to pay new fees tat vary between $5 and $10 per bag, depending on whether they book their flights online or at the airport. Will the Bunny Ranch adjust its reimbursement accordingly?

A representative for the Bunny Ranch told XBIZ no.

"When you party, we'll credit $15 to your account," the representative said.

In 2004, the Bunny Ranch offered free sex to Canadian soldiers returning from Afghanistan.