Paulina James Makes Unexpected Appearance on MTV's 'Real World'

Bob Preston
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — SexZ Pictures contract star Paulina James made a brief, unexpected appearance on MTV's long-running reality show "The Real World."

The 20th cycle of the popular MTV reality show is called "The Real World: Hollywood," and as in previous seasons, it puts several young adults into the same house for a number of months.

All Media Play President Jeff Mullen told XBIZ that he hadn't heard anything about James' appearance on the show, which he said was filmed several months ago, long before James' exit from the industry.

"It doesn't surprise me that she'd turn up on the show, given her nature of being around good times and excitement," he said.

In March, James left the industry and relocated to Houston with her fiancé. At the time, she said she was taking a one-year hiatus to have a child.

On "The Real World," James appears briefly on an episode that features two of the show's stars, Greg and Dave, as they welcome several scantily clad women into a hot tub. James is among those women.

One of the show's other stars, Brianna, berates her roommates and their hot-tub guests in an expletive-filled tirade.

James leaves the hot tub with a towel wrapped around herself, flashes a "peace" sign at the camera, and leaves the room.

"The Real World: Hollywood" made its debut on April 16. For more information, visit, and to watch the video, click here.