All Boys Inks Worldwide Distro With Cruising For Sex

Joanne Cachapero
SOUTH PARIS, Maine —All Boys Distribution announced today that it has struck a deal for exclusive worldwide distribution for DVD product from well-known gay networking website

“There is no way that, over the next six months, that Cruising For Sex is not one of the go-to production lines in the brick-and-mortar part of the business,” All Boys President Rob Ragan told XBIZ.

“They have too much to offer. They have an existing library of so many different styles of niche content,” Ragan said.

Until now, Cruising For Sex DVD titles have been available only through the company’s website.

“We spent years looking for the right company to partner with,” Cruising For Sex owner Keith Griffith told XBIZ. “I'd heard some real horror stories and then a friend in the business told me that All Boys was a straight shooter in the industry. In talking with Rob, it has also become obvious he is going to be fun to work with which never hurts.

“Moving beyond mail order is the natural progression of things for us,” Griffith added. “Our 'Cruising for Sex' brand name is very well known by the types of men who would frequent many of the brick and mortar stores since a substantial part of our branding is built around advising guys about where to cruise for sex including — you guessed it — adult video arcades and bookstores.” productions are primarily known for their amateur-content-themed sex in “cruising” locations. The website has gained notoriety as a resource network for men who participate in cruising, and Griffith was interviewed in some mainstream publications during last year’s bathroom sex scandal involving Sen. Larry Craig.

“We're going to debut at All Boys with our ‘Road Trip’ series that is devoted to public sex as the focal point of the action,” Griffith said.

“For these videos, we film pro and amateur performers in places like Rock Creek Park in D.C., a sex club in Los Angeles and a rest area in central Texas,” Griffith said. “The ‘plot’ is always the same — guys cruising for sex in some venue, hooking up and, of course, having the fuck of their lives for our cameras.”

“Also upcoming is our new ‘Double Dick’ series with some serious double penetration bareback action and starring some very well-known talent,” he added. “Plus we have our bukkake videos, our gloryhole series and our reality titles that we call ‘Lovers' Lane,’ where real lovers share with us their feelings for each other and then do the deed while we film it.”

The first release from Cruising For Sex under the new agreement with All Boys, will be titled “Cruise Master: Road Trip One.” It will release on May 29, with a street date of June 5.

“I very well may go against the one rule that I’ve maintained consistently — not to release more than one title from a studio per month,” Ragan said. “He has so many different lines that would not crossover and drown-out the other one, that I may do two titles a month from him.

“I look for this line to be one of the most successful studios to come for the wholesale market in a long, long time,” Ragan added.