Sabrina Deep Launches World Tour, Related Website

Bob Preston
TORONTO — Online adult model Sabrina Deep has launched a tour that will bring her face-to-face with fans all over the world in a series of parties that will be broadcast on a related website.

Deep's tour will assemble fans for a series of bukkake parties, which started May 16 in Toronto. The remainder of her schedule will take her to Rome, New York, London and Tokyo. All told, Deep hopes to throw 13 parties in 11 cities on three continents.

The official website,, will feature photos and videos from the parties, as well as a blog by Deep herself.

Deep is opening her parties to all men of legal age who have a current and 100 percent clean blood test. There's no fee to participate in one of her parties.

"As a supporter of sexual freedom and a lover of bukkake I'm very excited to give my fans the opportunity to meet me for real and to experience directly what they usually are only allowed to imagine looking at pictures and videos," Deep said. "I never have as much fan having sex with professional actors as I do with regular people like me."

Besides the dates already set for her tour, Deep said she's willing to add new dates and new stops if her fans want them. Fans are welcome to organize parties themselves.

Deep's last bukkake-related event was an eight-hour gangbangin September during which she took on 77 men. According to Deep, the event set a record for the world's longest gangbang.

For more information, visit The website includes application forms for fans who want to participate in existing parties, as well as a form for those who want to throw their own.