Josh Weston and Marco Paris Go Noncondom for SX Video

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — SX Video, a recognized leader in bareback videos, released “Bareback Power Bottoms” last week. The title features “mainstream” porn stars Josh Weston and Marco Paris performing in noncondom scenes. The duo bottom for seven hung, black tops.

“It was a pleasure working with Josh and Marco,” director Ben Baird said. “Both have a long resume in adult video and are very professional. When they called individually about working with SX, I had no hesitation to say yes. Putting them together in one movie was an obvious choice I knew porn viewers would enjoy.”

Commenting on the trend for recognized names in porn to now do bareback, Baird said. “It used to be that the models were hesitant to do bareback because non-bareback studios threatened them with boycotts and some were downright hostile. The consumer has spoken though, the bareback market is growing and models have more choices.”

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