Fetish Boutique Spartacus to Hold Scott Cook Book Signing

PORTLAND, Ore. — “Pokin’ Round the Gorge ” author Scott Cook will be signing his book at the Spartacus store next week.

The guide, the third release for Cook, is being billed as part nature guide, part photo gallery and part sexy how-to.

“‘Pokin’’ is a guide to secluded nooks and hidden crannies that you ’d never dream were there throughout the Columbia River Gorge,” Cook said. “Lovers who appreciate a little outdoor excitement will love having this book handy. ‘Pokin’ also is an excellent coffee-table conversation piece.”

The book provides information about historical anecdotes and geologic oddities as well as detailed directions to secluded spots in the Gorge.

Customers can purchase a copy of Cook’s book and speak to the author at the Spartacus store located at 300 SW 12th Ave. The signing takes place Thursday, May 29, at 7 p.m.

Since 1987, Spartacus Enterprises of Portland, Ore., has supplied adults with fetish and BDSM products manufactured from leather, metal, rubber and more.

For more information visit SpartacusStore.com or Pokinround.com.