Treasure Island Media Goes to Chicago for Leather Conclave

SAN FRANCISCO — Treasure Island Media (TIM) descends on Chicago for International Mr. Leather (IML).

Check out the TIM booth at the Leather Mart throughout IML weekend. Four TIM exclusives will be manning the booth — Brad McGuire, Dan Fisk, Damon Dogg and Jay Ross.

Additionally, on Saturday evening TIM casting director Gehno Sanchez will be hosting a meet–and-greet with the TIM exclusives at Chicago’s Jackhammer Bar, located at 6406 N. Clark St.

TIM also will be hosting two major Top Secret public sex-events: The "BUCK-A-FUCK" gangbang on Saturday, and the "BUCK-A-SUCK" event on Sunday. These events feature bottoms Mark Tyree and James Roscoe, who've offered up their considerable talents to benefit charity.

"We're nothing if not a socially responsible company," TIM founder Paul Morris said.

"We've been raising hell for years now," Morris said. "I figured it was high-time to throw some jizz — and some greenbacks — toward a good cause."

For more information on the "BUCK-A-FUCK" and "BUCK-A-SUCK" events, contact Gehno Sanchez at