Odyssey Group Video Announces Early Summer Sale

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Distributor Odyssey Group Video has announced an early summer sale on 300 titles from its catalog.

“When Sunshine bought OGV, they lowered the prices on the entire line to reasonable catalog pricing," OGV's Bob East said.

"They have sold consistently at these prices. But at a time when the economy is suffering and food and gas prices are rising so fast, we decided to offer three different 100-piece grab bags to our customers at a saving of as much as 50 percent from the everyday price," East said. "And make no mistake, these are not comps. These are original, full length, uncut versions of these titles. Some series are award winners, and many of the stars are as well.”

One set is all titles from All Good Video, the second is a collection of amateur lines from Odyssey, and the third is a collection of gonzo, specialty and feature titles from Odyssey.

“This is a limited time sale and when it’s over, it’s over. The prices will return to normal," East said. "Anyone that knows me knows that this is the truth. We had special sales like this over the years at OGV, but prices always returned to their old level. Now is the time to take advantage of something the consumer can really afford and will really appreciate.”

A complete list of titles and pricing is available by contacting Bob East at 800-736-9681 or at bob@menofogv.com.