World of Men Taps Boardman to Direct Marketing

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — After terminating an exclusive distribution contract with Raging Stallion in February, World of Men approached Scott Boardman, formerly of Cybersocket, to come work for World of Men, to head the marketing and distribution department.

. “My business partner Rich and I have been friends with Scotty for quite a while,” World of Men founder Collin O’Neal said.

“From the moment Rich and I met Scotty, we all clicked, so when I heard that Scotty would be leaving Cybersocket I really wanted to find a way that he could work with Rich and I,” O’Neal added. “Scott Boardman not only has an extensive knowledge of the porn industry, but also has an interest in expanding his knowledge base and learning new aspects of the business.”

World of Men’s new Director of Marketing and Distribution Boardman said, “After leaving my position at Cybersocket I was faced with the decision of leaving the industry or gaining a new perspective of the industry from a business standpoint.

“Talking with both Rich and Collin for several months about the position, it felt extremely comfortable for me to work with two people I have come to know and respect,” Boardman said, “This position has so far been challenging and rewarding — two qualities I love in a job.”

Colin O’Neal’s’ World of Men website is currently being revamped and is scheduled to be live by the end of the month.

World of Men’s first release under self-distribution, “Serbia,” will be released June 14.

To pre-order please contact Scott Boardman at, or by telephone at (305) 495-4767.