J Kwon, Screaming O Give 10,000 Condom Packs to Urban Health Institute

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — On Saturday, hip-hop artist J Kwon will present 10,000 Screaming O Condom Packs, valued at more than $50,000, to the global relief charity Urban Health Institute at a fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion. The donation will promote the launch of the Association for Safe Fun Sex, a group geared towards creating awareness of AIDS/STD prevention and education.

"There aren't many young people who take the time out to think about how serious the fight is against HIV/AIDS, especially among our age group," Kwon said. "I'm proud to be a part of anything that will help better our generation. Health is a serious issue and we need more people to step up and support it."

The Urban Health Institute is a nonprofit organization founded to provide direct care, medicine and medical equipment in response to natural and man-made disasters. The organization enlists pro-bono participation from local health care professionals to provide public health education and information about the availability of health-related and specialty care resources within disadvantaged communities around the world.

The Screaming O Condom Packs being donated combine the Screaming O Vibrating Ring with a high-end condom in one package.

"The Screaming O Condom Pack is a great way for us to promote safe sex in a fun, new manner," Screaming O Vice President Keith Caggiano said. "We saw an opportunity with the Urban Health Institute to send the positive message to the community that safe sex can be great. J Kwon has also been very supportive in educating the community about safe sex — Screaming O style."

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