French College Student Draws Fire for Appearing in Adult Movies

Bob Preston
PARIS — In a growing trend among French college students, a student at one of the nation's most prestigious universities has sparked controversy by appearing in adult movies to stay solvent.

The 26-year-old student, who performs with the stage name Rachel, answered a newspaper advertisement looking for adult talent. She wound up under the wing of French adult director John B. Root, whose official website can be found at

Rachel makes about 1,200 pounds, or about $1,800, per month, which covers her lifestye in one of Paris' most chic districts, as well as her tuition and other school costs.

Before she landed her gig in adult, Rachel said she had family and drug problems. She's since brought those under control.

"I am neither a feminist nor submissive, but I am challenging myself and I’m challenging society," she said.

Naturally, many at her school have shunned her, though her art philosophy tutor has stood by her.

"When the big cheeses at the University found out she was in X-rated films, they turned the other way," the tutor said. "Their silence was scornful," Francois Aubral told the newspaper Le Parisien. "But this girl is very sensitive and intelligent."

Rachel is working on a dissertation on the Amazons of Greek myth, while one of her adult titles in set to hit the airwaves on France's Canal Plus.