Director Pachard's Cancer Returns

Tod Hunter
ENCINO, Calif. — Veteran director Henri Pachard, who had been treated for squamous cell carcinoma in his jaw in late 2005 and early 2006, has been diagnosed with throat cancer.

Pachard, 68, has had a career that reached back to the '70s Golden Age of adult, directing more than 300 titles, writing and directing classic films including "Outlaw Ladies," "The Budding of Brie," October Silk" and "Babylon Pink." He continued to write and direct as adult film was replaced by video.

"He goes to his oncologist two or three times a week for hydration," Pachard's wife, Deloras Sullivan, told XBIZ. "There's a new cancer in his throat and he's been in pain for five or six months. He marched right through the first part, but now the pain is overwhelming. He's been prescribed some pretty heavy narcotics for the pain. He has another challenge. It's encouraging to everyone to see what he's been through."

"I'm hangin' in there," Pachard told XBIZ.

Pachard kept busy in the adult industry during and after his last bout with cancer, writing scripts and directing videos, including a "Barely Legal" video for Hustler that will be released later this year.

Sullivan, who has edited Pachard's videos including the upcoming "Barely Legal: Troublemakers" and "Henri Pachard's Whore Stories" as well as videos for Pink Visual, is available as a camera operator and video editor. She can be reached at

"Things are tight right now, and editing is the best work I could get," Sullivan said. "I've tried working outside the adult industry, and I'm not suited for it. We're grateful for what we have and we're grateful that people are concerned."

Veteran performer and PAW founder Bill Margold has pledged all money raised at the PAW booth during Erotica LA and at the FOXE show June 8 to Pachard.

"The outpouring of affection is overwhelming," Margold told XBIZ. "It's overwhelming to see. This validates the term I coined years ago: 'The True Family of X.' The hell with all the other letters of the alphabet."

There are plans to produce a feature with proceeds going to Pachard. Veteran performer Amber Lynn is spearheading the effort, and she reports that Ron Jeremy, Debi Diamond and Georgina Spelvin have already signed on.

"It's going to be a 'We Are the World' kind of thing," Lynn said, referring to the all-star 1985 fundraising song for Ethiopian famine relief. "What we do is porn, so we can show up and do scenes. What we're doing now is a call for talent and crew to volunteer. All the proceeds will go to the relief of the family."

Adult industry professionals who wish to volunteer their services, studio space or production equipment should contact Lynn at