XBIZ Summer ’08 to Feature Former Google Employees at Wildline! Traffic Session

Tom Hymes
LOS ANGELES — Search Engine traffic provider Wildline! will conduct a workshop during the upcoming XBIZ Summer Forum ’08 that focuses on ways webmasters can better maximize advertising results from Google’s search engine.

”It seemed like a natural progression of our business,” Wildline President Charles Hentrich said. “We have done a good job for our clients in Yahoo!, so Google seemed like the next logical step. We hope webmasters come out of the workshop with new and useful information.”

Helping conduct the workshop on behalf of Wildline! will be a group of ex-Google employees that have recently partnered with Wildline! to better assist their clients to realize revenue from the largest traffic base in the world. They will provide a slide-show presentation and follow-up Q&A that shows webmasters how they can use their unique expertise to better comprehend how to work with the world’s number one search engine.

“Our interest is the knowledge base of the industry,” Wildline! traffic consultant Johnny V said. “We want to make sure program owners and webmasters learn how to use the adwords program to their advantage. Information has always been a key component of working with Wildline!, as we want our clients to be as knowledgeable as possible. This is a great chance to hear advice and tips from the people who used to work there.”

The workshop will take place Wednesday July 9, from 4 pm-5 pm, at the renovated Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, which once again hosts the XBIZ Summer Forum ’08 from July 9-11.

When asked why he chose the workshop setting, Johnny V said the needs of the industry made the decision obvious.

“I have heard many stories from Webmasters who are frustrated trying to work within the framework of the adwords program,” he said. “We hope to ease that frustration a little bit, and to assist webmasters so that they feel as if this very large traffic source is now more available to them.”

For more information about XBIZ Summer Forum Seminars and Workshops, visit http://www.xbizsummerforum.com/sessions.php.

For more information about Wildline!, go to www.wildlinecorp.com.