Sinless Touch Offers Unique Online Boutique

Joanne Cachapero
OLATHE, Kan. — Newly launched online adult retailer carries a varied selection of toys, DVDs and other products, but puts a new spin on its inventory by offering adult-oriented vacation packages.

Other features include an on-site “Sexpedia” educational area, the Sinless Dollars customer rewards program, user-generated reviews and “Hot 9” bestseller charts for each of its product categories.

“Our driving principle is about more than the products we offer, it’s about the experience and the lifestyle. We aim to release your sexuality and be in touch with it. Sinless Touch will cater to everything you need,” Sinless Touch Vice President of Corporate Communications Jessica Blake said.

The site uses AJAX technology for streamlined navigation that allows users to browse product categories with a one-page view, as well as real time asynchronous product image enlarging without the need for page refreshing. It also features one-page checkout for quick ordering.

The Sinless Dollars customer rewards program offers users earned points toward discounts based on a percentage of their total purchase. Users that submit reviews for products also can receive Sinless Dollars rewards for their contribution.

Another unique site feature includes the ability for customers to round up the dollar total on their purchases, in order to contribute to the “Adopt A Child” fundraising campaign sponsored by Sinless Touch.

Several components of the site are currently under development, but Blake said, “Expect a lot of surprises from us, we have a lot in store for all of you.”

For information, visit the website or email