Penis Pill Spammer Heads to Court

BURNSVILLE, Minn. — Christopher William Smith, the 25-year-old Minnesota man who has already made $18 million this year hawking male enhancement pills, faces time in a federal penitentiary for spam crimes that include selling fake college degrees, X-rated pictures and cable decoders.

Smith, internationally known as “Rizler,” fled to the Dominican Republic in May when authorities seized his home, closed his 85-employee business and confiscated his passport. With aid from his wife, his girlfriend and a fake passport, Smith began other online pharmacies based in the Caribbean within a month.

Smith is known by several aliases. According to spam tracker Spamhaus, he is among the world's most notorious spammers.

Smith’s most recent U.S.-based company, Xpress Pharmacy Direct, was shuttered by a court order May 10 when it was discovered that employees had mispackaged, mislabeled and repackaged prescription drugs, including painkillers, without proof of prescription.

His pharmacy also offered male enhancement capsules, or "penis pills."

Four days after appearing in Federal Court on charges of selling medications without a license, Smith left the country.

"I think that what the United States Attorney's office and the Department of Justice has done is shut down a company that was on the cutting edge of using technology in the health care industry," Smith’s attorney, Bill Michael, said at the time.

Smith was arrested June 30 after stepping off his flight from the Dominican Republic at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. He is scheduled to be charged today in Minneapolis.