‘Carnaval’ Contest Winners Announced

Joanne Cachapero
“IEL CERRITO, Calif. — Winners of gay production company AMG Brasil’s “Carnaval Poke’n’Joke Contest,” were announced on Tuesday.

The studio launched the online contest on April Fool’s Day, asking fans to send in their dirtiest jokes based on President George W. Bush.

The studio launched the contest on April 1, based on a scene from their latest release “Carnaval.” The title, which was filmed on location during the Carnaval festivities in Rio de Janeiro, features a scene in which three models wear Carnaval masks and perform a threesome as a duck, a gorilla and Bush.

“Basically we wanted to see how dirty our customers could be,” AMG President Dennis Bell said. “I guess we wanted to see if they were funny too, but we were mostly interested in seeing just how filthy they could be. As it turns out, we’ve got some really creative customers. Some of the jokes were downright depraved.”

Loekat69 submitted the first place winner:

“ George and Laura Bush looking to spice up their sex life buy a pack of flavored condoms. George blind folds Laura and says, ‘Kay, I’m gonna put one of these suckers on, then you slob the knob and guess the flavor.’

“So Laura immediately slurps up his cock and screams, ‘Blue Cheese!’

“Dubya pulls out and says, ‘I ain’t even put the damn thing on yet, hun.’”

First place won a signed copy and poster of “Carnaval,” as well as a complete library of AMG Brasil videos.

For the second and third place jokes, visit the AMG Brasil blog.