Adult DVD Empire Removes Content Until 2257 Compliance Reached

Gretchen Gallen
PITTSBURGH, PA. – In reaction to the updated 2257 record-keeping requirements set forth by the Justice Department on June 23, sent out a statement Tuesday to all affiliates informing them of some dramatic but temporary changes to its website.

The company has decided to remove all screen shots from its website, all back box art, all explicit front box art and remove a majority of its video-on-demand movies in light of the expanded requirements for website operators featuring sexually explicit content.

Casting a significant burden on many adult companies ranging from primary to secondary producers, the amended federal law now requires adult website operators to obtain extensive age verification documentation from the original producer of the content. Prior to the updated regulations, documentation was only necessary for those companies that hire, pay and film the content, not for all subsequent owners of the content.

“This information is incredibly private and includes personal information pertaining to the performers that could be very dangerous when in the wrong hands,” Mike Barry, director of adult operations, said in the email. “Now, these documents must be disseminated to virtually every adult vendor that wishes to remain in business and out of jail.”

Barry also assured affiliates that Adult DVD Empire was working quickly to resolve the issue and reach total compliancy as soon as possible so as to avoid any prolonged interruption of business.

”As documentation is secured and verified, we will again offer these features to you,” Barry said, adding that he hopes the 2257 regulation changes are found unconstitutional through the current legal challenge posed by the Free Speech Coalition against U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

“This is another scheme by our government to restrict your freedom — as adults — to enjoy this form of entertainment if you so choose,” he said.

The Adult DVD Empire website provides a link for webmasters and consumers to locate and write to their Congressmen. The site also provides a link to the Federal Register, where webmasters can read the amended 2257 law in detail.