Las Vegas Producer Uses Billboards to Recruit Talent

Tod Hunter
LAS VEGAS — Adult production company Bait & Tackle LLC is using billboards to recruit tourists and locals for solo sex scene auditions daily in Las Vegas.

"The billboards started full-force in April, but Bait & Tackle has been doing work in Las Vegas since 2005," Dan, director of model recruitment for Bait & Tackle, told XBIZ. "Casting needs change every month, but the main focus is to get people in the door for an audition. If we can use them for upcoming work we'll call them back in."

The company shoots b-g, g-g and b-b scenes. The solo audition scenes are shot with model releases, so Bait & Tackle can use the scenes in the future online or on DVD. There are no plans to sell the scenes to other companies.

"We don't sell anything to a third party," Dan said. " Everything is us. All the shooting, all the recruiting, all the footage. The models that we get, you won't see them anywhere else. That's why we are primarily going for the amateurs."

Dan says that the company gets 150-200 calls a day from the billboards, from tourists and local residents.

"It’s a good response, but a lot of people only think they can perform, or they don't take it seriously," Dan said. "We have to do a heavy weeding-out process. The audition is kind of like a job interview, so we look it over and if we can use them. We want to see if they can perform on camera, how they look, personality, that kind of stuff."

The audition scene is a solo, so no STD testing is required. A full STD panel is required for follow-up scenes. Payment is made by check, which can be endorsed and cashed on-site, or cashed as a payroll check by arrangement with some local casinos.

The Bait & Tackle website is and the audition website is