Sunshine Films Distributes Leisure Time

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Distribution company Sunshine Films has announced that it is the exclusive distributor for production company Leisure Time Entertainment.

“We want to make it very clear that Sunshine is now the only distributor for Leisure Time products worldwide. There are companies out there claiming they can ship containers full of Leisure Time merchandise to Europe,” Sunshine Films’ Rita Duak said. “This is impossible. Our agreement gives us the entire line for exclusive worldwide distribution.”

“We have gotten many calls from our European partners asking us why they can buy the titles from other people but not from us directly,” Duak added. “We have told them that is not possible. We are currently remastering every title and doing new replication of every line.”

“We will actively pursue legal action against anyone selling product that does not bear our distinctive colored ring markings,” she said.

Titles will be available for distribution beginning in May. European distribution is planned to begin sometime in mid-June.

For information on Leisure Time titles is encouraged to call Lorraine at (800) 736-9681