Tricia Devereaux Shoots First Scene in 10 Years

Joanne Cachapero
STUDIO CITY, Calif. — On Friday, Evil Angel’s Karen Stagliano returned to the screen to perform as Tricia Devereaux, in a scene directed by Jay Sin. The original scene will be featured on a benefit compilation DVD being produced to support the legal defense for Evil Angel, which is currently facing federal charges of obscenity and interstate distribution of obscene material.

The solo scene included aspects of psychological domination and sex toy play, with a set-up that is inspired by Devereaux’s interest in S&M and fetish both on- and off-camera. It also is the first full scene that she has shot with another performer in nearly a decade.

Derrick Pierce was tapped to fill the role of her long-lost lover; after a chance meeting, the pair end up in a situation where Pierce tries to persuade Devereaux to have sex, resulting in a “mind fuck” scenario.

“I wanted to do something for this, and I’ve been thinking for a long time to do something for a bondage type site,” Devereaux explained to XBIZ. “Then when this [benefit DVD] came up, I thought, ‘Okay, I should direct an original scene for it.’ Then I thought, ‘Well, maybe I should just do a solo.’

“But then I thought, no — I want to show where I am sexually right now,” she added.

Devereaux’s decision to do the scene stemmed primarily from wanting to support the legal efforts of Evil Angel and her husband, Evil Angel founder and legendary adult director John Stagliano.

However, she was also aware that her return to performing will be controversial in other respects. Her on-screen career was cut short in 1998, after contracting HIV from another performer during a production.

While excluded from performing physical sex with another performer, Devereaux points out that she is not necessarily prevented from participating in fetish play or performing solos due to her health status.

“If there are people that say ‘Oh, I can’t watch her because she has HIV and it just ruins the fantasy…’ That’s their choice and I’m fine with that,” Devereaux said. “Porn is a fantasy and I haven’t stopped doing S&M things in my private life, so there’s really not a huge reason why I shouldn’t do it on-camera.

“There might be a couple of people that don’t get it. I think there will be a few people that might be uncomfortable with why I want to be on camera again” she explained, sitting in the make-up chair before the shoot.

“But today is not going to have any penetration between me and Derrick. He’s going to use some toys on me. Everything is going to be super safe,” Devereaux added. “I would never want to hurt someone and there’s absolutely no reason why any one should think this isn’t a safe scene.”

Pierce arrived on-set optimistic that they would perform a strong scene, and even felt honored to have been cast in the dominant role.

Pierce also voiced his opinion on the current indictment against Evil Angel and questioned the government’s motivation in pursuing an obscenity prosecution, though he admitted not having an opportunity to closely analyze the federal charges.

“It sounds like it’s basically the same as what they’re always trying to get us on. They’re trying to dictate what we can and cannot do and what we can and can’t watch,” Pierce said. Director Jay Sin, who is the newest addition to Evil Angels’ roster of directors, helmed a movie that has been named in the indictment, “Milk Nymphos.”

He simply said, “It’s definitely ridiculous, with the government. It blows my mind that they don’t have better things to do than watch porn.”

Sin told XBIZ that he was honored and excited about filming the scene, having been a fan of Devereaux for several years. He even handmade oversized anal beads that he hoped would be used in the performance.

Back in the make-up chair, Devereaux discussed with make-up artist Shelby Stevens, the implications of prosecuting explicit materials intended to be viewed by adults, while mainstream celebrities seem to have a much more pervasive affect on societal trends.

Both mothers of young children, the women pointed out that the escapades of pop culture celebrities like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan had more influence over encouraging inappropriate behavior for children as young as third grade.

Devereaux, whose daughter is seven years-old, commented that she expects her husband to be fairly strict with their daughter when she becomes an adolescent.

But, she said, Stagliano is completely supportive of her decision to perform — concerned only that she will be critical of her looks and performance once she sees the photos and footage after the scene.

And Devereaux admitted that was the largest concern for her.

“The drive over here was not good,” she said. “I ended up calling four of my friends just to get pep talks. I’m very excited, but I’m very nervous. It’s been a long time since I did a scene. So, I don’t know if people are going to expect me to look like I did before, but that’s the main thing I’m worried about.”