Kick Ass Releases ‘Forced Fem’

GLENDALE, Calif. — Kick Ass Pictures has released “Forced Fem,” a movie in which men play submissive roles and are made to act feminine.

In the movie Les, Brian and Toni are three regular guys who, seduced by beautiful women, are made to act like females.

“Seeing Les forced to walk in four inch heels isn’t pretty, and neither is he after his make over,” Kick Ass President Mark Kulkis said.

Playing the role of the females dommes are Samantha Sin, Kylee Reese and Cassandra Cruz. The girls even parade the guys around outside while dressed in drag to further humiliate them.

“That was the riskiest part of making this movie,” Kulkis noted. “In fact, during shooting one of the ‘girls’ almost got picked up by a cop. But then I guess he realized that being ugly isn’t technically a crime.”

The movie contains “instructional elements, including make-up application, finger nail painting, wigs, g-strings, miniskirts, high heels and the shaving of body parts. “I wouldn’t let your wife or girlfriend see it,” cautioned Kulkis. “The next time you ask her to get you a beer, you might suddenly find yourself degraded and feminized.”

To order, call (800) 765-1220.