Texan Pleads Guilty to Obscenity

FORT WORTH, Texas—Leroy Moore Sr., the putative owner or former owner of five adult-oriented businesses in the Fort Worth and Austin areas, pleaded guilty to one out of 23 obscenity counts against him: admitting to conspiring to engage in the business of selling or transferring obscene matter.

Moore, who was named in the suit along with Goalie Entertainment owner and Free Speech Coalition honoree Edward Wedelstedt, earlier pleaded guilty to tax evasion and an illegal firearm possession charge.

The obscenity suit stems from six pieces of content viewable at one or all of the adult businesses Moore allegedly owns in Tarrant and Travis Counties. [The earlier tax evasion charge alleged that Moore conspired with partner Beverly Kay Van Dusen to obfuscate the true ownership of the adult businesses, claiming that Moore was only a consultant and not the owner.]

The six videos were available as pay-per-minute peep shows, which Moore admitted were obscene and which the presiding judge, the U.S. District Court’s Ed Kinkeade, noted were not constitutionally protected.

The suit states that the videos depicted “hard core sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, and oral-anal sexual contact between persons of the same or opposite sex, or lascivious simulated sexual intercourse where the genitals, breast, or pubic area of the performer was exhibited.“

Moore is awaiting sentencing on the firearm charge. His obscenity charge, for which he will face sentencing on Sept. 29, carries a maximum jail term of five years and a fine of $250,000 and restitution.

The other defendants, including Wedelstedt. go on trial in January unless a plea is entered beforehand. Moore has agreed to cooperate with federal authorities in the prosecution of the other defendants.