AMG Launches ‘Carnaval’ With Party in Oakland

EL CERRITO, Calif. — Athletic Model Guild announced today that it will hold a launch party for the latest AMG Brasil feature, “Carnaval,” at the Bench and Bar in Oakland, Calif., on Friday, May 9.

“We’re really happy with ‘Carnaval,’ and we are even happier to be teaming up with the Bench and Bar to promote it,” AMG President Dennis Bell said. “They are the biggest gay Latin nightclub in the area and this is our biggest production of the year, thus far. It’s a perfect fit.”

To celebrate the release, the Bench and Bar will give free admission to anyone who shows up before 9 p.m. The party will include porn giveaways, Latin go-go dancers and drink specials.

The first 500 guests will receive tickets to see JS perform live and receive tequila shots for only 25 cents. DJ Jorge Eclipse will spin the dance mix, and local go-go dancers will entertain partygoers.

AMG Brasil will also give away 10 copies of Carnaval and a gift basket that includes each of the studio’s 14 Brazilian hardcore releases.

The studio will also present a slide show of softcore photographs from the set of “Carnaval.”

“We want everyone to go home happy,” Bell said. “This is a big accomplishment for us and we want to share it with our fans. With the lineup that we’ve got set for Friday, there’s no doubt in my mind that everyone will go home with a smile on their lips and a tent in their pants.”

With a runtime of 100 minutes, “Carnaval” stars a cast of performers from Rio de Janeiro, including Lucas Lucky, Marcelo Mastro, Rick Garcia, Jeff Silva, Jack Benelli and Junior Ronaldo.

Though it hit stores just last week, the film has had the gay porn blogosphere abuzz for months. One scene in particular has raised the interest of the industry and fans alike. It features Anderson Alves, Ricardo Onça and Max Kairon engage in a masked ménage a trois as a duck, a gorilla and the current U.S. president, respectively.

The scene was the subject of the Carnaval Poke ‘n’ Joke contest, the winner of which will be announced early next week.