XBIZ to Conduct Adult Entertainment Market Research Program

XBIZ to Conduct Adult Entertainment Market Research Program
Ann Oui
LOS ANGELES — XBIZ, the industry’s leading source for technology focused business news and information, today announced the launch of XBIZ Research, a survey-driven study program that will ascertain and address through expert analysis market trends that are of inherent interest to the adult entertainment industry.

The first survey conducted by XBIZ Research will begin this June and run through the XBIZ Summer Forum, which takes place July 9-11 at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Members of the adult industry will be invited to take the research survey either online or at the conference. Surveys will be completely anonymous.

Initial survey results will be released after the event, with subsequent analysis and editorial commentary provided on the XBIZ Research and XBIZ.com websites. The more compelling results also will inevitably lead to further analysis and discussions during educational sessions at future XBIZ events.

Because the availability of verifiable financial information is highly limited due to the private nature of adult businesses, the study program will not be revenue focused but instead will aim to deliver unique insight into the trends, inner-workings and psychology of the adult entertainment business.

“We feel that XBIZ is in a unique position to conduct a dependable study program because of its unbiased position within the adult entertainment industry,” XBIZ President Alec Helmy said. “XBIZ Research is a unique project that aims to deliver invaluable insight through the adult business community’s participation. We look forward to delivering fascinating analysis and facilitating great discussions.”

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