NATS Integrates Mallcom Module

GLEN COVE, N.Y., – Mallcom has announced the release of its Mallcom module for use by all affiliate programs running NATS.

Once an affiliate program or studio sets up an account through Mallcom, they would then need to enable the module by submitting a ticket through NATS. Once approved and activated, Mallcom’s affiliate team will review the setup of the module.

The module allows programs to promote Mallcom through their affiliate’s sites, with total control over determining what commission rates to offer to their own affiliates.

According to the company, Diabolic Dollars has already implemented the Mallcom module through their affiliate program and other affiliate programs are already in talks to jump aboard.

“This is a major step forward for any affiliate program looking to offer their valued affiliates another reliable promotional tool,” a company spokesperson said. “Hundreds or thousands of your affiliates pushing your co-branded store for you means huge profits to your program.”

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