All Boys, OTB Video Join Forces for European Distribution

Jeremy Spencer
SOUTH PARIS, Maine — Gay distributor All Boys Distribution has announced that it has reached a deal with OTB Video, one of the studios it represents, by granting the Latin studio exclusive distribution rights for all of Europe.

The deal allows OTB to distribute production lines exclusively handled by All Boys for worldwide rights through its already established distribution channels in Western and Eastern Europe.

“I received an email from OTB Video’s owner Rene a couple of months ago asking me about our European distribution, which at the time was being handled by another company over in Amsterdam,” All Boys President and CEO Rob Ragan said.

“He proposed an idea to broker our exclusive studios on my behalf, the same way I have been distributing OTB Video products here in North America,” Ragan said. “Since the beginning of this year, the way I’ve been accepting any new studios for distribution was if they were either brought directly to me, or brokered through OTB.

“The reason for this is that we’ve really developed a strong alliance together; I trust them wholeheartedly, as they do me,” he continued. “It just made so much sense for both of us: OTB is the strongest and best-selling Latin bareback line in the world, so they already have an incredible rapport with their distributors throughout Europe. Like mine, their business model allows distributors to sell to shops and other retailers, which makes keeping an overview much easier, not to mention accounting.

“We just do so many things similarly, it’s really like I’m opening All Boys Europe,” Ragan said. “I have all the faith in my heart that OTB will continue moving a steady stream of our American lines through their European contacts, allowing me to continue marketing, promoting and selling their lines, and the lines they’re brokering to me, for many more years to come.”

“A collaboration like this can only work if it is based on mutual trust,” OTB Video owner Rene Nijstad said, “and as such, we will have great synergy. We already know the European market from our own DVD business, and we are determined to let All Boys enjoy all the benefits of this expertise. Of course, we also have an existing infrastructure present in Europe, with storage facilities in Amsterdam, and excellent relations to our local distributors.

“This makes it possible for us to get All Boys’ titles on the market quickly and efficiently,” he said, “which will ultimately benefit everyone involved, including retailers who can now obtain some great quality lines from the U.S. at very competitive prices. Reordering will be as easy as if they were ordering locally.

“Of course, we will also be monitoring sales and listening to the demands of European clients,” Nijstad said. “All Boys Distribution will then make sure that this crucial information reaches the producers. All Boys and OTB Video is a match made in heaven — we have high hopes for our transatlantic alliance.”

All films released by All Boys Distribution will be made available through OTB Video immediately.

For information on OTB Video, visit its site.

For more information on All Boys Distribution, visit the All Boys website or contact All Boys directly at (877) 5-ALLBOY (525-5269).