AEBN Gains Exclusive Rights to Dirty Bird, Brent Corrigan Titles

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Video-on-demand network AEBN has snagged exclusive rights to Dirty Bird Pictures’ “The Porne Ultimatum” and “Brent Corrigan’s Summit.”

AEBN is the first to offer “Brent Corrigan’s Summit” on VOD, the Dirty Bird Pictures/Brent Corrigan collaboration filmed in conjunction with Corrigan’s studio, Prodigy Pictures.

“The Porne Ultimatum” was inspired by the popular mainstream “Bourne” film series, and centers on main character Chason Porne (Dirty Bird exclusive Kaden Saylor) as he searches for the keys to his lost memory. Directed by Mike Donner, “The Porne Ultimatum” also stars Corrigan and Mason Wyler.

“’The Porne Ultimatum’ was the start of our working relationship,” Dirty Bird Pictures’ President Dink Flamingo said. “After Brent's brilliant performance with Kaden, I began discussing things with him and his manager, Grant Roy, to produce ‘Brent Corrigan's Summit.’”

“Brent Corrigan’s Summit” marks Brent Corrigan’s directorial debut, and tells the story of a group of friends sharing a cabin at Lake Tahoe.

“’Summit’ is the first title in what I hope will be a long line of my Prodigy Pictures titles,” Corrigan said. “Although my personal website will offer much of the reality-based adult work I want to produce, Prodigy Pictures will carry all the fantasy, plot-driven projects that are sure to showcase my strengths as a director. ‘Summit’ is everything a first-time director could hope for. I continue to be amazed at the rate of success we have encountered with it.”

“I’m excited to see Brent busy again, and I’m glad we can offer our customers new material from him after so long,” AEBN’s Chris Baker said. “This is a great step for Brent, working both in front of and behind the camera — and he doesn’t disappoint in either role.”

“We're thrilled to have Brent and Prodigy Pictures collaborating with Dirty Bird Pictures,” Flamingo said. “We have three major projects underway this year and several smaller DVD projects, as well. Brent is not only a sexy and versatile performer, he's also proving to be a very smart young businessman.”

“The Porne Ultimatium” and “Brent Corrigan’s Summit” are both available on AEBN and its network of theaters.

For more information, email or call (800) 628-0241.

For information on Dirty Bird Pictures, visit the website.