Treasure Island Media Releases ‘UK Beef Bangers’

SAN FRANCISCO — Treasure Island Media (TIM) has announced the release of “UK Beef Bangers.”

Director Max Sohl traveled to London with TIM exclusives Dawson and Brad McGuire in tow, and came back with “UK Beef Bangers.”

This two-disc set features Ben Mason, Albert Victor, Tony Ray, Adam Tremadoc, Luke Thomas, Tony London, Jiggy Mann, Wade, Nubian King and others.

“At nearly four hours of no-frills, bone-driving, man-ramming action, this is some of the best fucking action we've ever presented,” a TIM rep said. “From piss-drenched cum-guzzlers to raunchy gangbangs, this video is fucking epic. ‘UK Beef Bangers’ has something for everyone — raw fucking, pissing, fisting, felching, snowballing and about a gallon of fresh U.K. cum. It's all here. This true ‘sexperience’ is guaranteed to leave the viewer wide-eyed, slack-jawed and fully sated.”

“UK Beef Bangers” features 10 scenes, 25 men and more than 30 cumshots. Bonus features include a cumshot review and TIM previews.

The uncut director's version of “UK Beef Bangers” is available only at the TIM website.

A trailer for the film can be seen here.

For more information, visit the TIM site.