Shay Jordan Writes Sex Advice Column for

Steve Javors
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Hip hop website has tapped Digital Playground contract star Shay Jordan to write an advice column about dating, sex and her life as a porn star.

To celebrate the partnership, is offering a daily contest for its readers to win a copy of “Cheerleaders.”

"I take this job extremely seriously,” Jordan said. “I love the opportunity to chat with my fans and even flirt a little, but we cover some intense things too. A lot of people read what I write — there's stuff like STDs, safe-sex and cheating. I want my advice to be helpful and for guys and girls to be able to ask anything.”

Jordan joins former Digital Playground star Adrianna Lynn as an advice columnist.

"We felt there was a need to fill the void on the same boring stuff that's floating around on the net," director of marketing JB said. "We've had a longstanding relationship with Digital Playground and recognize and respect their commitment and the role they play within the adult industry. Our two industries are so similar in terms of pushing the envelope on edgy material. It's a perfect marriage. Although rap music has since crossed over into the mainstream, the adult industry is not far behind."

Digital Playground CEO, Samantha Lewis, talks about Shay Jordan's mass appeal as, "only natural. Shay has this mystique to her. You're not quite sure what to expect when you first meet her because she is so beautiful, but then she opens her mouth and just tells it as it is. She's intelligent yet blunt — a great combination for writing about sex. I'm pleased how our partnership with has developed. The hip hop culture makes up a large portion of our consumers and the advice column is a great platform."

Jordan can be seen in the following Digital Playground movies: "Virtual Sex with Shay Jordan," "Shay Jordan Scream," "Shay Jordan: Sexual Freak," "Shay Jordan: All-American Girl," "Throb POV 3," "Jack's Teen America 20," "Jack's POV 6," "Deeper 4," "Control 4," "Naked Aces," "My First Porn 8," "Babysitters" and "Cheerleaders."