Athletic Model Guild Releases ‘Carnaval’

SAN FRANCISCO — Athletic Model Guild announced that “Carnaval,” the latest feature-length production from the company’s premium brand of Latin hardcore, AMG Brasil, is now available.

The film celebrates the pleasures of anonymous sex during the pre-Lenten festival of sin and excess.

“It was an obvious choice, but one that I wanted to get right,” AMG President and “Carnaval” director Dennis Bell said. “There’s something about Carnaval that can’t be explained easily. Everyone knows Carnaval as this half-naked street party, but the feeling you get when you’re there is complex. It’s like there’s sex in the air, in the water, everywhere.”

In Bell’s “Carnaval,” sex is everywhere — except the streets.

“There are a lot of things that are acceptable in Brazil, but gay sex in public is not one of them,” Bell said. “If it was, we’d have a whole other line of DVDs on our hands. What we are showing here is what happens in the alleys, side streets and private residences. We are showing what happens when that air of sexuality drives people to have sex with the closest hot body, even if it means doing it under a public stairwell.”

“Carnaval,” which boasts a running time of 100 minutes, stars nine of Rio de Janeiro’s hottest young men, including Lucas Lucky, Marcelo Mastro, Rick Garcia, Jeff Silva, Jack Benelli and Junior Ronaldo.

Bell recreates the spirit of the celebration by interspersing footage of the festival with uninterrupted hardcore sex scenes.

“When we filmed ‘Carnaval,’ I had a really good feeling about it,” Bell said. “I think I knew this was going to be a great film when I introduced Marcelo and Lucas. They were immediately attracted to each other, and it really showed on film. The passion they exhibited is unparalleled, and the perfect representation of the excitement that surrounds Carnaval. I don’t know if anything came of their onscreen chemistry, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve got a burgeoning gay porn romance on our hands.”

Another scene from the movie garnered the attention of the adult media earlier this month, in part due to a promotional contest the studio launched. The scene features Anderson Alves, Ricardo Onça and Max Kairon engage in a masked ménage à trois as a duck, a gorilla and the current president of the United States, respectively.

The “Carnaval” Poke ‘n’ Joke contest requests that fans send in their dirtiest joke about the president of the United States to , with the their full name (no pseudonyms please), mailing address and preferred email address.

The deadline for submission is today.

A panel of sex industry media personalities will judge qualifying entries.

“In the end, Carnaval is really about just letting go and having a good time,” Bell said. “And this film is about forgetting the hangups of the day-to-day and just going for it. It’s about having [safe] sex with strangers and not worrying about the consequences.”

For additional information, please visit the website, phone (877) 264-3473, ext. 903 or email .