HellHouse Offers 'Girls of Wolfpac 2'

LOS ANGELES – Underground band Wolfpac is raising the bar in the HellHouse Media release of 'The Girls of Wolfpac 2.'

Known for their insane live performances, Wolfpac, fronted by former Bloodhound Gang member Daddy Long Legs presents the newest, hottest, and freakiest girls this side of the Mason Dixon line.

"See what happens when barely legal groupies find their way back to the bands hotel and get converted into dirty little sluts," a promo piece exclaimed, setting the stage for a unique erotic experience.

According to the company, the music/adult hybrid DVD picks up on the porn/music/pimp thing where Snoop and Kid Rock left off by featuring an exclusive, full body suspension sex scene with Jade Jolie having sex while her and her partner swing 10 feet above the ground, suspended by four hooks pierced though both of their backs.

To order, call Pure Play Media's Hyland Church at (866) 820-3000.