K-Y Introduces His-and-Hers Enhancing Lube

Joanne Cachapero
SKILLMAN, N.J. — Lubricant manufacturer K-Y has announced the release of its first-ever product created for the couples market, K-Y Brand Yours+Mine.

The his-and-hers lubricant comes packaged in two tubes, each with a different sensation-enhancing formula. The labeling on the tubes is glow-in-the-dark, making it easier to locate in a darkened room.

"K-Y Brand Yours+Mine was developed for couples to experience and enjoy together," K-Y’s director of personal care products Daniel Weiss said. "Through our ongoing conversations with consumers, we have found that couples are consistently looking for ways to enhance their time together. We recognize that it is not just about one partner or the other — it is about the couple."

The product packaging features a sleek, modern design with the test tubes presented in a black box with silver trim. The masculine version of lubricant is colored electric blue, while the feminine formula is colored purple. The tubes contain 1.5 ounces and have easy-to dispense caps.

The women’s’ version of the lubricant is described as providing a “thrilling” sensation, while the men’s formula was called “invigorating,” in the company’s statement.

According to K-Y, Yours+Mine was developed to encourage communication between couples that are interested in exploring different aspects of intimacy and stimulation.

The product reflects a growing acceptance of adult enhancement products in the mainstream marketplace, and will be retailed at drug, grocery and mass retailers. Suggested retail price for K-Y brand Yours+Mine is $19.99.

K-Y Brand also manufacturers several other enhancing lubricants including Intrigue, Intrigue Heat, 2-in-1 Tingling, Sensual Mist, Touch Massage and LiquiBeads, among others.