Danish Adult Actress Gry Bay Stars in Vampire Short

COPENHAGEN — Gry Bay, the star of “All About Anna,” is making headlines in the Danish press by sinking her teeth into a provocative role as a vampire.

Bay plays the vampire leader in “The Present — A Sweet Surprise,” a wickedly twisted short subject directed by Caroline Sascha Cogez.

The film is part of the viral marketing campaign for Danish author Rikke Schubart’s sexy, bloody vampire novel “Bite” aka “Bid”, which is currently available in Danish bookstores.

Fans of femme-fatale action cinema will already know Schubart from her book “Super Bitches and Action Babes,” published last year by McFarland.

“Gry Bay is the third ‘All About Anna’ actress to appear in a vampire flick,” producer Nicolas Barbano said, “following Eileen Daly in Jake West’s ‘Razor Blade Smile’ and Ovidie in Jean Rollin’s ‘La Nuit des Horloges.’”

“All About Anna” is enjoying considerable success in the U.S., where it was released on DVD in January. For more information on the film, visit the movie’s website.

For more information on Bay, visit http://grybay.com.

To view “The Present — A Sweet Surprise,” click here.

To view the short on YouTube, click here.