Dakoda Brookes to be Blind Date at High School Prom

Tod Hunter
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult performer Dakoda Brookes has a blind date this Saturday at a Los Angeles area high school prom. Brookes, 19, has been set up with an 18-year-old senior named Alex who has never had sex but is bringing a porn star as his date to his school’s biggest event.

“When I found out he was a virgin I wasn’t sure if I should go through with it but I wasn’t able to have fun at my own prom — so I thought let’s do it,” Brookes said.

Brookes says she was nearly a virgin herself when she first arrived in Los Angeles in November, having only been intimate with her former fiance and a small handful of guys in shoots in the Miami area.

“I was a really good student and lost my virginity in January of 2007," Brooke said. "I had no real sexual experience outside of one guy before I did my first porn scene, which I did to get some revenge after I caught my ex cheating on me.”

A friend in L.A. arranged the prom date.

“He didn’t have a date and I said 'Sure, I’ll go,' ” Brookes said. “I try not to think about what his mom and dad might say about this but it’s really just two teens going to the prom.”

Transportation for the couple will be provided by Wallace at Flight Limousine.

“I like to keep a clean ride for my customers,” Wallace said. “But how can you put a lid on young love? We’ve had a few crazy things going on back there, that’s for sure."

Brookes brushed off questions about post-prom activities.

“He is 18 so there are no issues there," she said. "We’ll just see how the night goes, but I’m really looking forward to having some fun at the prom."

Dakoda Brookes is represented for video production by Shy Love at Adult Talent Managers.