Seymore Butts Bags Book Deal with Gotham

Steve Javors
SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. — Seymore Butts now can add “author” to his resume: The director has inked a publishing deal with Gotham Books. Butts’ first book, “Things Your Father Never Had the Balls to Tell You,” will be released late next year.

The dating and sex-advice book specifically targets men ages 18-59, Butts told XBIZ, implying that there’s plenty of practical advice for men of any age in his tome.

“This book includes every bit of pertinent information on sex, women and life in general that I’ve experienced; everything that a man in this modern age should know,” Butts said. “I cover everything from how to be a cunning linguist to what to do if you break your penis to how to avoid getting raped in prison.”

Butts said that the book’s title comes from his desire to share an unfiltered view of sex that men might not have gotten growing up — though, as a parent himself, he’s quick to point out that his book also addresses how to talk about sex to your children without seeming out of touch.

In addition to addressing the concerns of single men, Butts’ book includes chapters for couples, married folk and parents trying to demystify such topics as how to deal with rejection, how to introduce watching porn into a relationship, female ejaculation and “is ass-play gay?”

“These days, it’s hard to survive, much less thrive in and out of the bedroom,” Butts said. “Learning how to deal with women and sex is an everyday process for men. I wanted to cram as much as I could into this book, because I don’t want to have to write it twice.”

Butts also said that he would be collaborating with adult industry members on special porn-related subjects that will be covered in the book.