Matt Zane Donates His Hair To Children's Charity

Bob Preston
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult performer, director and stunt stylist Matt Zane has given up a part of himself: his hair.

The man who broke magician Criss Angel’s record for being suspended from hooks has donated more than 17 inches of his hair to the nonprofit organization Locks of Love.

Zane said a need for a life change prompted him to seek out a better home for his cut hair than the barbershop floor.

"People have identified who I am as my long hair for years," he said. "[It was] something that I needed because it was expected of me, and for awhile, I have fallen into that trap. Recently, I felt like I've entered a new chapter in my life and wanted to let go of certain expectations that people had. I was told about Locks of Love and thought it was a great idea. I am glad some good can come of this, considering all the hate mail I will get from girls on MySpace."

Locks of Love provides high-quality hair prosthetics to poor children who have suffered hair loss.

Zane will post photos of his new haircut to his MySpace profile.

Last January on the floor of the Adult Entertainment Expo, Zane suspended himself from four shark hooks inserted into the flesh on his back. He remained suspended for more than six hours — long enough to break Angel's 2006 record for the same feat.